Strawberries are luscious anytime of year, and just name a person who doesn’t like ‘em. So let’s make a surprise dessert for Valentine’s Day that shouts I LOVE YOU and doesn’t require much time to prepare.


Photos by DiAne Gates

Rather than making your pie crust, let’s pick up a chocolate pre-made crust. Chocolate and strawberries! And you’ve just saved yourself more than thirty minutes. But here’s the secret to preventing that ready-made crust from becoming soggy. Beat one egg with a few drops of water and brush the pie crust, then slip into a 350-degree oven for about ten minutes. Set aside to cool. Crunchy yummy crust!


2 quarts’ fresh strawberries, rinsed, dried and sliced long ways

1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons cornstarch

1 cup boiling water

1 (3 ounce) package of raspberry Jell-O

¾ cup of roasted nuts of choice (Almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc.)


Mix together sugar and cornstarch until smooth.

Add boiling water, mix, and cook over medium heat ‘til thickened

Remove from heat. Add Jell-O and stir ‘til smooth. Set aside to cool to room temp.

Sprinkle roasted, chopped nuts over the bottom of the cooled pie shell

Arrange dry, sliced berries on top of nuts in pie shell

Pour cooled Jell-O mixture over top of berries.

Refrigerate several hours to allow Jell-O to set.

And yes, I didn’t make a mistake, I meant raspberry Jell-O. Strawberry layered on top of strawberries doesn’t speak to me. You could use either, but I like the punch raspberry brings to the party! Try both to see which you like best.


You can decorate the top with drizzles of chocolate and Reddi-Wip, but remember Reddi-Wip won’t hold up like fresh made whipped cream. Refer to my Peanut Butter Pie recipe for the real stuff…and don’t forget the mascarpone…makes the whipped cream remain fresh for a couple of days. Time for a piece of this scrumptious pie! But if you’re in a hurry, Reddi-Wip will do the trick, add after slicing and before serving.




About dianegates

DiAne is an artist, writer, photographer, and GriefShare facilitator who also leads an adult edit group for North Texas Christian Writers, LifeSavers is for adults who are serious about their writing skills. DiAne's YA novel "Roped" released by Prism Book Group was named a YA finalist for the Grace Awards, and was named #5 in The Top Ten Christian Reads for Teens and Tweens 2016. Her sequel to ROPED...TWISTED was released July 14, 2017 Both are available on Amazon.com. Be sure to check DiAne's blog, "Moving the Ancient Boundaries" at http://dianegates.wordpress.com/
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  1. That looks delicious! My mom makes a strawberry pie that’s my absolute favorite dessert, but never with the chocolate pie crust. I’m gonna have to put a little bug in her ear, because that looks amazing! 😉


    • dianegates says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my strawberry pie with a chocolate crust…what’s not to like about anything chocolate with strawberries? I have another pie recipe I’m about to post this week with key lime and raspberries…another what’s not to love! ❤


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