Born and raised in the deep south and kin to a long line of southern belle caterer’s and hostesses-with-the-mostest, it’s only natural to assume I love food!

Grits, greens, fried green tomatoes, and fried chicken were staples in Mama’s kitchen; and with a few variations, they’re favorites in mine too.

Sift the artist and writer with the cook and walla—a new blog! The Southern Side of Flavor!  

I hope y’all will enjoy, share, and find helpful cooking tips here. So, come along to the land below the Mason-Dixon line that stretches clear to Texas and help yourself to a glass of sweet tea with lemon; and let’s share some new and old, but yummy southern delights.

                                                DiANE N. GATES

                                                Author ROPED, the Series

                                                Grace Awards Finalist

                                                The Christian Literary Henri

                                                Awards Finalist



About dianegates

DiAne is an artist, writer, photographer, and GriefShare facilitator who also leads an adult edit group for North Texas Christian Writers, LifeSavers is for adults who are serious about their writing skills. DiAne's YA novel "Roped" released by Prism Book Group was named a YA finalist for the Grace Awards, and was named #5 in The Top Ten Christian Reads for Teens and Tweens 2016. Her sequel to ROPED...TWISTED was released July 14, 2017 Both are available on Be sure to check DiAne's blog, "Moving the Ancient Boundaries" at
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